Senior Citizens Care Foundation Boss, Jide Taiwo in Money Laundering Scandal
…Threatens Loyal Friend With Assasins

It all started as a favour when Senior Citizens Care Foundation boss, Jide Taiwo, met with Adetayo Bilesanmi, CEO Billiants International few years back. Jide shared his dream and goal with Bilesanmi, it seems huge Bilesanmi confesses.

This led to Bilesanmi showing his heart of gold towards Jide by accommodating him for a period of a year and half while he lives abroad without a single payment.
Couple of years later, fortune finally smiled on Jide shortly after he float his NGO, Senior Citizens Care Foundation and started working for former Lagos State Gov., Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Jide receive pledges from senior and top government officials from different ministry since his NGO is based on senior citizens.

Prior to this, Jide seeks and secured an America Visa which finally enable him traveled to the United States.
Jide had informed his long, long time benefactor of his visitation and needed accommodation in the USA which his friend turned down due to personal reasons.
However, few days after his arrival into the US, Jide had stayed with another friend in North Carolina, he put a call through to Bilesanmi, complaining of hospitality, Bilesanmi, however, encouraged him to endure. Due to Bilesanmi’s gesture, he asked Jide to come around but only for a day. Jide, gladly accept his often and move to Maryland, then merriment started. Lots of money and goodies were showered on Jide been the fact that, Bilesanmi wants him happy.
Few hours later, little did Jide realized his friend was into Bureau De Change. Then, Jide brought up the idea of him talking to another friend of his who he claim is building an hotel at an undisclosed location in Nigeria.
Then, the first transaction was successful without flaw, same as second and third, as well as fourth and fifth, then the sixth which later became an issue.
Meanwhile, on or before the ‘problem’ transaction, curiosity had made Bilesanmi seeks Jide authenticity of his sole call friend who had been sending cash which Jide vouched for, again and again. Not knowing that, he’s the brain behind the whole scam. Jide claims his sole call friend owes three trucks. Route different locations in the USA so they can make payment at any city at any time and the transfer has to be made immediately to Nigeria.
Findings later revealed that, Jide is the God father for this ‘Yahoo Boys’ in the USA and Nigeria, who are into money-wire.
The sixth transaction involved $1500 which was deposited into Brilliants International account and an embargo was placed on the bank due to suspicious activity since 7th June 2017, rending Brilliants International useless for over three months now.
Source however revealed that FBI,CIA and other financial agencies are already on this case thinking Brilliants International is into money laundering.
Evidence and explanations were made available to greedy Jide but his mentality about money will not let him realize his deeds.
Bilesanmi, however, plead with Jide to introduce his friend in the USA to him so that the case can be solved amicably with the agency but he refused bluntly. Bilesanmi’s lawyer also request for their contacts but Jide was adamant about not revealing their address after revealing only Adeola Ogunyemi’s full name but without address or real phone contact.
Whatsapp group was also suggested so that the issue can be solved without stress but all proved abortive as Jide will not see reason with Bilesanmi.
Little did Jide started threatening Bilesanmi and his family with death. Claiming he will send Badoo boy after him if he didn’t transfer his money. He, Jide, however, summon thugs to go snap Bilesanmi’s house in Ikorodu, he also claims he knows where Bilesanmi’s family resides not considering the fact that he betrayed a loyal friend who always want the very best for him at all time.

SocietyGists tried reaching Jide Taiwo on +234 8035494028 being the number on his facebook page but to no avail as at press time.

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