Majek Fashek Suffers Mental Disorder In UK

One of Nigerian music superstars of the 1980’s, Majek Fashek, is sick again.

This time, though, sources with knowledge of his diagnosed ailment called schizophrenia informed that it affects his thinking ability and makes him to behave in abnormal manners.

Majek had reportedly been moving in and out of hospitals for different ailments in the past years.

Majek, being attended to in a UK hospital
Majek, being assisted into a stretcher by hospital security

The Status Online gathered that the Reggae icon was moved to a London hospital by neighbours when his condition was deteriorating.

”He was struggling for life as he had stopped eating, talking or do anything on his own and he also babbles,” Majek’s manager, Uzoma Omenka, reportedly told the press.

Omenka also called for public help, saying that the singer needed financial aid to live.
”The truth is, we are stranded here in London. We are in great debt and we need financial help urgently if we don’t want Majek to die,” he was quoted in a statement.

The exact cause of schizophrenia is not known, but research says it is an ailment that can’t be cured but managed; a combination of genetics, environment and altered brain chemistry and structure.

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